Benefits for artists, technicians & other professionals

Whether you're an actor, musician, producer, model, cameraman, painter, dancer, etc., find out all you can do on Moonpeel.

Showcase your talent

Create your personal page and design your portfolio with images, videos, audios and writings to showcase your talent and experience.


Publish your services and other classifieds as well as your events and reach your target audience wherever they are.

Be found

Be found in just a few clicks by companies, clients, new audiences and other artists and professionals.


Network, share ideas, knowledge & experience with like-minded artists and professionals from 12 artistic fields.

Boost opportunities

Update your profile and be proactive to boost opportunities in terms of jobs, projects, collaboration and sales.

Communicate & stay up-to-date

Share updates with your audience and get the latest publications on your news feed page.


Send a message to anyone on Moonpeel even if they are not in your network.

Source products & services

Find products (accessories, instruments, equipment, etc.) and services (workshops, premises, etc.) in your area.

Tag & attribute

Tag the people or companies involved in the production and creation of the material in your portfolio to attribute it to them (credits).

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