About us

What is Moonpeel?

Moonpeel is an online platform where artists, professionals and companies from the artistic sector can showcase their work and offer their services.

Our members update their profile, publish their services, images, videos, audios, writings, events, and we broadcast them globally and efficiently so that they can focus on their core activity rather than on their promotion.

Why do we do it?

We grew tired of seeing how our artist friends were spending too much time, money and energy on promotion and networking.

Furthermore, the tools they used didn't always lead to the expected outcome or to new opportunities.

Seeing as they couldn't find a solution, we made one, breathing life into a place that everyone can enjoy – anytime, anywhere.

Why you should sign up?

Not only do we offer lots of benefits for artists & professionals, companies and fans, but on top of that:

It's 100% free to join

You retain ownership of your intellectual property

We don't sell your personal data

It's simple and intuitive

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Our Brand

Our iconic logo embodies everything we create and value as part of Moonpeel.

The Moon - The moon is synonymous with inspiring artists and has been the subject of many artworks on dreams, imagination, romanticism, love, journeys, etc.

The Child - The child represents the child we all have within us who truly believes that nothing is impossible to achieve in life.

The Veil The child is removing the veil over the moon to reveal artists and their talents for us to discover.

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