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ELLYOT RADBURN Singer, Composer Marseille, has published this video


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Posted on 13/09/2016
  • Hi,
    Let me introduce myself my name is Ellyot Radburn I am Unsigned Artist, I'm Author-Composer - Singer, my style: MELODIC MAGICK HARD ROCK METAL
    I'm an Artist but also a real Mage and Cabbalist allows me also with ease and an exceptional power to merge occult and music. This perfect osmosis transported me without the shadow to the light, and pushed me with osmosis and magic to compose my current title "And the Rose...". ».
    “And the Rose….” is a Rock ballad that vibrates and transports you to the legends there countries where the extraordinary paths with magic, reveal the mysteries of hidden things. This title is still in the Demo stage and a great chance to become the flagship of an album title. It is impossible in listening to this track to remain indifferent because no doubt you also find your Rose!
    My favorite flower is the BLACK ROSE!
    Naturally, the black roses exist! Because they are rare, they symbolize the fatal passion or mad love they are popular because they are supposed to bring good luck to the person we love!

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Cast & crew
ELLYOT RADBURN Singer, Composer Marseille, has published this video